Oil City Express - Oilsands, Fort McMurray, Edmonton and beyond!

Our 2015 / 2016 holiday schedule is now ready.  See below:

Oil City Express 2016-2017 Holiday Schedule


Our regular gate access on MacLean Road is now accessible again.  Please use ONLY this gate to access Oil City Express.  Also, our office is no longer in the old temp building in the back corner of the yard.  We have moved into a new(er) 20x60 portable trailer that you will see immediately after entering our gate straight ahead of you.  Please check in there when coming in for inquiries, customer pickups, drop offs, etc.


The road construction that has been blocking our yard gate access on MacLean Road seems to be going on forever. In the mean time, to access our yard, you can temporarily use the Catholic School Boards gate entry across from the Acklands Granger entrance on MacKay Cresent.  PLEASE be respectful and keep your speed down to a safe idle / 10km/hr or less when moving through the gate and our property.

Oil City Express location

We have updated our BILL OF LADING forms.  Please download the NEW BOL form and discard your old file.


While we have always had our tractors based solely out of Edmonton and the largest truck in Fort McMurray has always been 24ft 5tons, we have now added a tractor mated to a 53ft tridem step deck and a 53ft dry van to serve you better locally.

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